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Kind Rebel

Book - Love wins collection

Book - Love wins collection

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The book is 21x21 format and has a soft cover. In the children's book, playful stories are told about the themes:sustainability, being open-minded and living in the now.

be sustainable
With Noa, bird Charlie and butterfly Jules live together in the forest, but one day they have to move because the people come to demolish their forest. They say they need the wood for chairs and tables. In a panic, the animals start looking for a new home. One day their new forest is also demolished. The animals have had enough and come up with a solution to stop the felling of the trees...
Be open minded
June and Lenn live in a quiet village. Lenn loves it, but June dreams of adventure and new things. One day a magical hot air balloon lands in their garden and takes them to the most special places. Places where everything is different. Lenn thinks everything else is crazy and weird, but June teaches him a nice lesson...
be present
Mom and Dad Jones are always busy on their cellphones or computers. They chat with all kinds of people all day long. Bowie, Bobby and Ruby think it's a shame and sad they tell mom and dad this. They also find it annoying that they have so little time. They decide to hide the computers and phones and spend more time together. When they look for a game in the attic, they suddenly find all kinds of musical instruments. They start a family bond. A music band that strengthens the family bond...

The Kind Rebel book - love wins collection is currently available in Dutch

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